You may know the name 10 Barrel Brewing Company from buying their beer at the store or from one of their five brewpubs. I brought two friends and one was super excited because it’s her favorite beer and she’d never been to one of their locations. It is pretty exciting to check out a brewery when you’re a fan of their beer. I was not familiar, so it was an all-new experience for me.

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Founded in Bend, Oregon with just 10 barrels (hence the name), 10 Barrel Brewing Co is an award winning brewery with a wide selection of beers. Located in downtown Boise, the atmosphere is open and industrial with floor to ceiling windows, concrete, steel, exposed brick and beams. The patio wasn’t open when we were there, but I hear it is pretty awesome and dog friendly.

10 barrel brewing boise review

The Beer

They have a big, diversified lineup of beers to choose from. We got a bottle of Pumpkin Ale and two flights for a sampling. The flights seemed huge and gave us a great overview, I’d recommend that if you are in a group and have never been. My favorite, probably because I’m so seasonal, was the Pumpkin Ale–one to sip slowly and savor.

10 barrel brewing co review

The Food

The food is your traditional pub comfort food, but with a lot of variety and some fun stuff like Deep Fried Pickles with Herb Aioli (pictured above).

10 barrel brewing boise review

Above is the Beer Batter Fish and Chips with house made Tartar Sauce and Cumin Lime Slaw. You’ll find everything from Mac and Cheese to Peanut Butter and Bacon Burgers.

10 barrel brewing co review boise

My friends enjoyed the Silly Sando, which was made with Fennel Cured Pork Belly, Cowboy Candy Aioli, Cucumbers, Pickled Onions and Radish Greens served on Ciabatta from Gaston’s Bakery. I can vouch for the Sweet Potato Fries that came with it which were crispy and well seasoned.

10 barrel brewing boise review

Get the Brussels Sprouts

My favorite thing we ate was the Crispy Brussels Sprouts with a house made Honey Gastrique Glaze.They have a salty-sweet thing going on with great texture. It’s nice to see vegetables on a pub menu, and they also had salad options I’m now wishing I’d tried because they look delicious. All portions for everything were generous and sharable.

10 barrel brewing boise review

10 Barrel Brewing Co Boise Bottom Line

10 Barrel Brewing is a great place for beer lovers that like variety and appreciate a lot of options to choose from. Same for the menu–there is enough variety that you could come with a group and there would be something to please everyone including cocktails–though I’d stick with the beer since this is a brewery with award winning beer. I’d recommend ordering a bunch of things and sharing. The great location provides plenty to do before and after your meal. If you don’t have access to one of their pubs (Bend, Portland, Boise, Denver), you may be able to find their beer in your local grocery or specialty store.

*Image 1, 2, 8 courtesy of 10 Barrel Brewing Co.

* We were guests of 10 Barrel Brewing Co, opinions are my own.

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