Have you ever made your own plant milk? I’ve done it with almonds in the blender, but it was kind of a mess. I’ve also tried oat milk in the blender and it was even more of a mess and tasted gross. There’s a better way! Check out the MioMat.

This beautiful machine (have you seen a cuter appliance?!) makes virtually any type of plant milk like soy, almond, cashew, macadamia, etc. with very little mess. Also you can put the nuts in and walk away until it’s done. Why would you go to the trouble of making your own? Because you control the ingredients and can have a superior milk without the junk they add to the store bought brands. It tastes better and you will also save money.


The MioMat also makes smoothies, porridge and soup. You put the ingredients in, set the appropriate settings and very quickly you have your prepared food. It comes with a recipe book filled with healthy options–even for what to do with the pulp. A big plus for me is that you can adjust the creaminess level by adding more or less nuts.

This would be a wonderful thing to have in a hotel room or RV to maintain your healthy eating habits on the go. The MioMat is pretty big and can make enough food for a small family in one batch. It’s a great option for small kitchens and people that want to minimize the amount of appliances they have by having one that does so many things. I love that they took the time to design something that looks so pretty on the counter. Find the MioMat HERE on their website, and HERE on Amazon (affiliate link at no extra cost to you).