Summer is upon us, and it’s time to gear up for a season of sunshine, travel, and outdoor fun. Whether you’re planning beach getaways, backyard barbecues, or adventures in nature, having the right gear and clothing can make all the difference. In this minimalist roundup, I’m sharing a few of my favorite essential picks for this season. So, grab your sunscreen and let’s dive into my mini collection of summer essentials! FTC: * This post contains affiliate links and I will earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you make a purchase after clicking on affiliate links. If you do–thank you! It helps keep my site running.

Gregory Quadro Hardcase

Need some luggage for your summer travels? I love these Gregory Quadros. I’m usually a carry-on girl, but sometimes you need to check a bag, and when you do, it’s nice to have the features the Quadro offers. It’s a great idea to have both sizes to have options depending on the trip, and for when you need both. Quality luggage is like quality sunglasses, you don’t realize what you were missing until you have it, and after you do, you never want to go back to the cheap stuff.

The 22 inch Quadro (or Here on Amazon) is my new go-to for everyday travel. I appreciate the organization, the light weight (6.5 lbs), smooth wheels, and the built in TSA friendly locks. I can fit everything I need for two weeks (or longer).

For longer trips, or travel where you need gear, the 28 inch Quadro (Here on Amazon) holds a lot more and has all the same features as the 22 inch. It’s also expandable which is often a necessity when coming home with more than you brought. Gregory stands behind their products with a lifetime guarantee so it’s good to know they have your back should something go wrong with your gear.

Royal Robbins

Royal Robbins makes excellent travel clothes that are packable and high quality enough to withstand the rigors of travel while still looking great over the years. They nailed it for spring and summer! I’m in love with these Half Dome Overalls made with organic cotton. For travel I like the  rich and versatile charcoal grey. They’re soft, durable and super cute.

Next up are these Jammer II Capris. Available in several colors, these are comfy and make a great travel pant. As with the Discovery Bermudas, the material is quick drying, so you could wash them in a hotel sink and they would be ready to go the next morning. One more great shorts option are the Half Dome shorts made from the same yummy organic cotton as the overalls.

Acorn Slippers

I’m a slipper person and wear them year round, even when I’m traveling. We usually think of slippers as a thing that starts in fall, but there are also some great slipper options for summer. Acorn Spa Slippers are perfect for warm weather. Check out the Men’s Spa Adjustable Slide Slipper Indoor/Outdoor Sole. Women can wear these too, in the smaller sizes. I’m a 9 and the men’s 7.5-8.5 fit me perfectly. Alternatively for women, I love these Spa Thong Slippers with Cloud Contour Cushioning. They come in a ton of colors including black which are nearly impossible to find in women’s slippers. They are both butter soft and really do make your feet feel like they are at the spa.

Patagonia Swimwear

Last year I fell in love with Patagonia’s Wavefarer Board Shorts and Seaglass top combo. The top stays on securely, there are no ties to come undone and it’s super comfortable. The board shorts can be worn as shorts too, doing double duty for travel. They’re made from recycled fabric and dry very quickly so they’re ready to go for your next swim. I stocked up last year but this season when they came out with this gorgeous green and turquoise Cliffs and Waves color which gives dreamy Tahiti vibes, I had to have it.

Thera Cane

If you’re a road tripper, you’ve probably experienced the aches that come with long hours on the road. This brilliant Thera Cane massager is travel friendly and really does the job! I’m so impressed with how it gets into trigger points and eases tension. Those balls dig into knots and work them out gently. A massage therapist told me about this or I would have never thought to try it–it really works!