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Featured Travel Reviews

6 Holiday Gifts for Home Sweet Home

Part of the joy of travel is coming back to your cozy home sweet home. Gifts for travelers don't have to be all travel related, you want your loved ones to have a fabulous home too. Personally, I am equal parts traveler and homebody, just as obsessed with a beautiful...

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16 Outdoorsy Holiday Gifts for Men

I often hear that men are hard to find gifts for. Holiday gifts for men really aren't that difficult, especially if they are the outdoorsy types or love to travel. You can find stuff they wouldn't get for themselves, yet end up cherishing. Luxurious, high end gear or...

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Holiday Gifts for Women Travelers

Every year clothing and gear just gets better and better and it keeps my attention and excitement because at heart I am somewhat of a minimalist who likes to whittle down to luxurious essentials. Below are some of my favorite gifts for women this holiday season, all...

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Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Modern Travelers

Here we go guys! It's that time again, we are about to hit a new decade, let's have a kick ass Christmas. I love the holidays, and I love finding the just-right gift for my loved ones, opting for quality over quantity. Here is the Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for...

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Butchart Gardens: the Magic of Christmas

One of the most fun things you can do in Victoria at Christmastime is to visit Butchart Gardens. Actually, it is a great place to visit any time of the year, but it's particularly exciting at night during Christmas when they present the Magic of Christmas. The whole...

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Northern Lights in Iceland with SuperJeep

Iceland’s lunar landscapes are mentioned in every guidebook. People talk about the terrain feeling like another planet, but I think it’s equally the lighting. The sky in Iceland is otherworldly. Blues, purples, oranges and yellows throughout the day are hypnotic. I...

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Cologne Christmas Market

Cologne, or Köln, is one of Germany's most popular cities for travelers. Located in picturesque Rhineland, Cologne is beautiful at any time of year, but it's decked out to the nines at Christmastime. Cologne Christmas Market is comprised of seven markets and welcomes...

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Zurich Christmas Markets

Zurich Christmas markets are fairly low key. At least by comparison to most of the markets I visited in Germany. For this reason, I found them cozy and intimate and local-feeling. The indoor market at the Bahnhof (main train station) would be the exception, that one...

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SuperJeep Tour: South Iceland

If you only have a couple of days in Iceland (as many people do, due to Icelandair's famous stopovers), there is one thing you have to do--go on a SuperJeep Tour. Hands down one of the best things I've ever done.    My first tour with was the South Iceland SuperJeep...

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Avalon Rhine River Cruise

An Avalon Rhine River Cruise is a great way to see several destinations in one trip. You go from place to place in the comfort of your floating hotel without ever having to re-pack or schlep baggage. Your room goes where you go. This was my first experience river...

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Rudesheim Christmas Market

Located in the Rhine River Valley, Rüdesheim, aka Rüdesheim am Rheine, is classic Germany famous for medieval castles, terraced vineyards, timbered architecture, gothic churches, and of course, the Rudesheim Christmas Market. It's a beautiful part of the country and...

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Nuremberg Christmas Market: Christkindlesmarkt

The Nuremberg Christmas Market, aka Christkindlesmarkt, is perhaps the most famous and largest in the world. Located in Nuremberg's Old Town, in the central square called Hauptmarkt, the Christkindlesmarkt starts November 27 and ends Christmas Eve. Christkind,...

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Nuremberg Christmas Ambiance

Christmas is a big deal in Nuremberg. The city hosts one of the world's largest Christmas Markets and is famous for that. But I want to show you what the Nuremberg Christmas ambience is like around town as well. Lighted Christmas trees, wreathes, Christkind, and the...

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Icelandair Saga Class: What it’s like Up Front

Thinking of flying Icelandair Saga Class? Icelandair is Iceland's flagship carrier. They are based in Keflavik and have been operating flights since 1937. You may have heard about Icelandair's famous free stopovers. They have a deal where you get a free European...

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