Welcome to The Modern Traveler. You may have seen me around the internet or in a magazine where I wrote for other people. The Modern Traveler is my own. It’s all the stuff I I want to tell you about. I love writing for other outlets, but it’s nice to have my own thing too. Here is a place where I can just speak my mind, include all the things there wasn’t space to include in manuscripts, and connect with my readers more personally.

My focus is luxury and adventure travel and lots of fabulous food. My awesome ten year old son is my travel buddy, though sometimes I travel solo or with a friend. I’m mostly vegetarian, pescatarian when I travel. I love hole in the wall joints and I appreciate fine dining and street food. Biking, hiking, horseback riding and and a whole lot of walking balance out my travel indulgences and also offer varied perspectives of the destination. Nothing is more exciting to me than exploring a new city. It makes me feel like a kid full of wonder every time. I hope I can help you find wonderful places to visit on your travels.

I have a ton of posts pending, so if you see a destination that’s not populated, it’s coming soon. My dates are a little out of whack because I’m publishing so much at once, but that will work itself out in the coming weeks. I tried to post as sequentially as possible.