Located in the Rhine River Valley, Rüdesheim, aka Rüdesheim am Rheine, is classic Germany famous for medieval castles, terraced vineyards, timbered architecture, gothic churches, and of course, the Rudesheim Christmas Market. It’s a beautiful part of the country and part of the Rhine Valley UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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Rudesheim Christmas Market of Nations

The Rüdesheim Christmas market is cozy, with a little international flavor. There are about 120 stalls from 12 different countries. There is a ton of food and drink options including the ever present gluhwein (which people happily drink early in the day–very early), beer and a special drink that is unique to the area, Rudesheimer Coffee.


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Rüdesheimer Coffee is coffee made with local Asbach Uralt brandy and served in a special cup with a dollop of whipped cream and a dusting of shaved chocolate. It’s warming in the cold weather. This area is famous for their wine, so if you like wine, be sure to pick up a bottle, or have some sent home to drink when you get back to celebrate your trip. I’m not a wine person, but find the vineyards and paraphernalia beautiful.




Rüdesheim’s market has some charming cobbled side streets to explore, wonderful smells of spiced drinks, pomme frittes and baked goods. Hand crafted ornaments make apt souvenirs while there are plenty of local restaurants along the path to pop in for a meal.

If you see something you like and want at the market–get it. Sometimes you wait and then can’t find that vender again or have moved on to another town and it’s too late. I travel so light that I rarely pick up souvenirs. If I need something while traveling, I’ll get it, but I generally don’t want to be weighed down. When I was at this market, I saw the cutest fingerless gloves. I passed, but really wish I would have bought them. Find out more about the Rudesheim Christmas market on their website.

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