The Radisson Blu Hotel 1919 is a pretty popular place to stay in Reykjavik, particularly with people maximizing hotel points. Well, it used to be popular for that reason. It’s not as good a deal anymore because Club Carlson changed it’s award structure. And, without the value of using points, I’m not sure I would recommend Radisson Blu 1919 over Thingholt. But I did have a good stay, and it is located centrally, so I want to tell you about it.


radisson blu 1919 room 2

The Room

I was upgraded to a Business Class room (which comes with a few extras like breakfast (which is a biggie for those who eat breakfast because food in Reykjavik is expensive and they have a great breakfast), robes, Nespresso machine, internet, and newspaper.  But apart from being spacious, it wasn’t exactly luxe. It had tall ceilings, wood floors, a comfortable bed and a desk, tv..the usual. Nothing special about the bathroom. Perfectly acceptable but nothing to get super excited about.


coffee radisson blu 1919

The Coffee

The coffee was something to get excited about. Like everywhere else in Reykjavik, the cappuccinos at Radisson 1919 were excellent. They had a breakfast buffet that was included (much larger than what is pictured below), but I’m not a breakfast person. So I made a plate to eat later and drank about three cappuccinos every morning.


breakfast radisson blu 1919


The people at this hotel are friendly and I felt like the guy making my coffees would have happily made me as many as I wanted. So I’d hang out in the restaurant getting caffeinated and working in the mornings while enjoying the views that look out toward the harbor.


radisson blu 1919 star


Radisson Blu 1919 Bottom Line

If you are into cool design and uniqueness, this hotel probably won’t do a whole lot for you. But, it’s in a great location with a helpful, welcoming staff, generous breakfast buffet and it’s a solid choice for accommodations in Reykjavik. Find out more on the website.

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