Proof is one of those restaurants that I frequently think back to when I want a great food-memory. Any time a friend is heading to Arizona, I always bring it up. “You have to go here if you are in Scottsdale!”



four seasons scottsdale proof sign


Proof is located at Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale at Troon North. It’s probably more fun if you go during a stay at Four Seasons, but people also choose Proof (including locals) just because the food is fantastic and the ambience is festive. It really captures the cowboy vibe and offers a  delightful taste of Americana.


four seasons scottsdale proof table shuffleboard



Proof has the atmosphere of a western saloon, but it’s also super kid friendly. A colorful ice-cream bar with bright candies in jars, antiqued bar stools, rustic tables, wide plank floors, and my son’s favorite accoutrement–table shuffleboard. It’s good, old fashioned fun.


proof four seasons scottsdale2


You can’t help but feel nostalgic here. It’s entertaining just to look around and spot treasures from the past.


proof four seasons scottsdale3


Everything is comfortable and relaxed. I love to eat outside, so I enjoyed the patios, but at night I thought the design elements really stood out and glowed with wild west ambiance.


four seasons scottsdale proof arizona salad


The Food

I have eaten at Proof about four times (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and each time it was fabulous. Beyond fabulous. This is a place to get really excited about. Besides the fun atmosphere, the quality of the food is excellent. It’s down home comfort food that satisfies.


proof four seasons scottsdale juice



At the same time, they use fresh, local, and often organic ingredients. You can still eat healthy here and I was thrilled to discover options like fresh cold pressed green juice and wonderful salads. After eating the Arizona Salad (pictured above), I got hooked and recreated it at home–not quite as good, but what a flavor and texture combination! Shrimp with southwestern spices–kind of blackened, avocado, corn, and peppers served over a bed of lettuce with a spicy vinaigrette.


proof four seasons scottsdale11


Other things are not possible for me to recreate. Like the ooey-gooey Bourbon Cinnamon Rolls. Or the Huevos Rancheros that comes from one of the chef’s grandmother’s traditional family recipe. It’s served in an iron skillet and has texture and layered flavors. And I’m not even a breakfast person. But If eat a late breakfast–brunch, then I’m good, and I can’t imagine a better breakfast. The healthy options helped me balance out my indulgences, as did the pool and trails on site.


proof four seasons scottsdale5


Proof, Bottom Line

No matter what your dietary preferences are, Proof can take that and turn it into something fabulous. They are happy to make substitutions, but vegans, vegetarians, and gluten free diners will find plenty to love. Find out more on Proof’s fun website and read about my wonderful stay at Four Seasons Scottsdale here.