Christmas is a big deal in Nuremberg. The city hosts one of the world’s largest Christmas Markets and is famous for that. But I want to show you what the Nuremberg Christmas ambience is like around town as well. Lighted Christmas trees, wreathes, Christkind, and the smells of the Christmas markets wafting through the air create a strong holiday vibe without the intensity of being directly in the market.


nuremberg christmastime


Old Town, with its cobbled streets and timbered architecture is particularly charming and Christmassy. Walking around at night, you’ll find lighted garland in window boxes, glowing trees and decorated street lamps.


nuremberg christmas market mail coach1080


You might see the Post Stagecoach go by while they are touring guests of the Christmas Market. Hooves on cobblestone, sparkling Christmas trees and holiday smells create some sensory magic. It’s easy to step back in time when you are experiencing traditions dating back to the 1600’s.


nuremberg christmas ambiance twilight


As with anywhere I go, my favorite scenes take place at twilight. That is when blues wash over the surroundings in that hour of transition from day to night. This is when I think holiday lights look the most beautiful. Bare trees with string lights against a backdrop of cobalt blue. That’s some serious ambiance. Find out more on the Nuremberg Tourism website.

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