Here is an awesome, must-have outdoor rocking chair guys, the GCI Freestyle Rocker Camp Chair. I’m crazy about the rocker chairs. They are perfect for people who fidget, and that movement is so relaxing. This one is a regular-chair height at 19 inches, and it is so portable you can take it camping, to the park, the beach, and outdoor concerts.

The engineering on this chair is brilliant. It rocks smoothly via patented spring-action technology. I love that they came out with this option–wouldn’t you rather rock than just sit there? It goes back nice and far and holds your drink to boot. When it’s time to move on, all you do is pull up on the handle, hardly any strength or effort is needed.

Aesthetically, it’s a great looking chair. The powder coated steel is charcoal gray with a shiny, durable finish that looks rich. I suspect it’s not going to rust very easily at all. It feels pretty bomb-proof. This is a great summer chair appropriate for all ages. Find the GCI Freestyle Rocker HERE

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