I’ve recently been interested in hanging chairs as an alternative to hammocks. And Holy Batman people! I found my favorite chair: the Eagles Nest Outfitters Lounger Hanging Chair. If you get just one new piece of gear this summer, this is the one. I cannot believe how much bliss this thing generates in my life. It’s absolutely therapeutic. If you love hammocking, you will love this chair. And I mean LOVE.

It’s so weird how in the past I have seen chairs like this but never thought to try one out. There seemed to be too many parts to it, they seemed cumbersome to me. Boy could I have not been further off on that.

This chair is just as fast and easy to set up as the hammock–more so because you only need one hanging point. The carabiner at the top makes it super simple to hang. I’m using one of my Eagles Nest Outfitters tree straps and it works great. The whole thing snaps together will poles similar to tent poles and you are up and floating in just a couple of minutes.

One thing that deterred me from hanging chairs is the footrest. It seemed overly complicated to me, but now I know why they’re there. Because that’s what really gives you that sense of weightlessness. And the footrest is not cumbersome at all, if you don’t want to put your feet up, you just push it to the side. I suspect you’ll almost always want your feet up though, because it’s spectacularly relaxing.

You feel very secure in the lounger, there is solid structure to it, so you never feel like you are going to fall out. Another wonderful thing about this chair is the bag it comes in. It has an adjustable strap, so you can sling it across your back and easily take it with you.

The only bad thing about this chair is that I just bought new patio chairs that are super comfy and pretty and I don’t want to sit in them because I want to sit in the hanging chair all the time, I have it hanging on my porch when I’m not using it on the go. You may want to get a pair of these because everyone is going to want to sit in it. I’m currently testing the non-hanging version of this chair, so stay tuned. *Disclosure: Affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you, if you purchase via one of these links, thank you, this helps keep my website running! 

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