Last summer when we were in Vail, our hotel, The Sebastian – Vail arranged for us to have bicycles throughout our stay. It was a wonderful perk. It kind of made the trip in a way because we went everywhere on our own time frame and it was fun to go. It’s tradition for us to ride bikes at our destination, but I’ve never liked one so much I sought out the brand post-trip. It’s awesome when you have a great trip and can bring that same feeling home with you and relive it over and over.



I’d heard of Giant, but I’d never heard of Liv before. My son rode the Giant and myself and our friend rode Livs. This bike was like a cross between a beach cruiser and a city bike for me. It has much of the comfort of a cruiser, and the speed and agility of a city bike. I was surprised to find such a comfortable, perfect bike.


liv giant bicycles


The seat has a ton of padding. The tires are appropriate for the street and trails and that’s where we rode the bikes.


liv giant bicycles


My son had no trouble maneuvering his bike and took to it immediately. His tires were a little beefier and had plenty of traction. I didn’t worry at all. We’ve had some pretty crazy bike rentals before, rusty and rickety, so these were luxurious and we all kind of fell in love with our bikes.


giant bike


These are not crazy expensive bicycles even though they ride like they are. I couldn’t believe how affordable these bikes are for what you get.

The bike my son rode is this ATX2 Giant. This new version is brand new for 2017 and comes in different colors. I love the bright orange for good looks and visibility. You can find it HERE.


This bike just feels so solid. It’s light weight aluminum, so it’s easy for my son to manage if he has to carry it up stairs for instance.

liv bike flourish

The bike us girls rode is the Liv Flourish. What a comfortable, versatile bike. This would be great for both trails and commuting. I love the step-through frame that makes it so easy to hop on and off. We both couldn’t get over how nice our bikes felt to ride and how easy they were to maneuver. And like the Giant, they feel super solid, but were light enough to carry up stairs without a problem. I loved how easy this bike was on my back, you sit upright and not all hunched over. It’s a wonderful versatile bike. You can find the new 2017 Liv Flourish HERE.