Costa Del Mar makes some major comfortable sunglasses. If you are going to be around water, these polarized lenses and ultra comfy, lightweight fit is worth the investment. See those rubberized temples? They are soft. They feel good against your skin and don’t slip when you get sweaty. I can be as active as I want with these shades and do not have to worry about them sliding off.

I’m new to the Aviator style, and started wearing them for the first time last year. I really like the extra coverage I get from this style. They seem to block out more light. Since I have sensitive eyes, quality sunglasses make a huge difference for me.  You can enjoy yourself a whole lot more when your eyes are not straining or tired from dealing with glare.

The polarized lenses cut way down on glare coming off water.  I’m always reminded how important polarized lenses are when I forget to wear them when I’m walking along the beach. Regular lenses don’t cut it after you’ve worn polarized. Costa’s lenses are high quality, high definition. Clear and crisp.

You can choose your own colors with the Wingman. So, if you like gold, they come in gold frames, and the lenses come in different colors, like copper, green, and gray. I love the silver frames and blue lens combo. They also come with a hard case to protect them when not in use. If you wear prescription sunglasses, Costa can accommodate that as well. Find the Costa Wingman Sunglasses HERE.