I’ve said this on just about every Reykjavik post–the dairy in Iceland is spectacular. For this, I couldn’t get enough coffee drinks and drank my weight in cappuccinos and lattes. Cafe Paris is across the street from the first hotel I stayed at, Hotel Borg.

cafe paris coffee


It has a cozy atmosphere with lots of red and comfortable seating. All I had was a cappuccino, but it was wonderful and service was friendly. I wish I’d been hungry because the food looked great with huge portions. Even though I didn’t eat, I wanted to tell you about it because I’d recommend stopping in Cafe Paris, even if it’s just for some caffeine. I was told by some locals that Cafe Paris is more of a traveler hangout than a local place, but I enjoyed it all the same and will go back the next time I’m in Reykjavik. Check Cafe Paris out on their website.