Nuremberg’s superstar, at least one of them, is the Renaissance master artist Albrecht Dürer. I happen to love his work (especially the Rhinoceros) and was thrilled to visit his actual house. Right around the corner from the house is the quirky restaurant, Albrecht Dürer Stube, which is a must for any fan of Dürer, but I’d recommend it to anyone looking for traditional German food and an interesting atmosphere. It’s the perfect place to have dinner after touring Dürer’s home.


albrecht durer stube exterior

The Food

I’m vegetarian but that was no problem. The server just offered to prepare potato pancakes with a mushroom sauce and salad and that sounded great to me. And it was delicious, especially paired with my favorite beer, a local weissbier. The lamb’s leaf in the salad melted in my mouth.



For dessert I had coffee and apple fritters with ice cream and could not finish it, but it was nice to have a sweet bite. At one point during the meal, a family from Singapore joined the table and they all seemed to love the food as well.


albrect durer stube3

The Atmosphere

This place has a lot of character. Sketches and Dürer’s artwork and image are everywhere along with an old ceramic stove, copper shaded lamps with wooden ornaments hanging from them, bier steins, and pretty much no blank space whatsoever on the walls.


The Rhinoceros

I have to tell you about the Rhino print. It’s my favorite Dürer piece and has a great backstory. That rhinoceros was actually killed in a shipwreck. Dürer drew the entire thing through someone’s description. Isn’t that cool? I’ve always loved that story.


Albrecht Dürer Stube Bottom Line

If you go to the Albrect Durer Stube (and you should), try to get there early or expect a wait because it is small, cozy, very popular and fills up quickly. Totally worth the wait. Find out more on the website.