Going somewhere and want to take Fido?  Sleepypod has a fabulous option for transporting your pets, and it’s the answer to my wish that they would make a small version of the Sleepypod Air.  The new Atom is smaller, and I think even better with more storage space and all the details that make the Air so great.  It’s perfect for holiday travel and way beyond.

I’m a big fan of Sleepypod, their innovative modern designs and multifunctional products that save you money and reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating the need to buy multiple products.  Their products are made to last The Atom collapses and takes up very little space to store (not like those hard plastic carriers), which is ideal for those of us who live in small spaces.   This doubles as a crate and a safe way to transport your pet in the car and by plane.  The Atom complies with major air line standards and will hold up to an eight pound dog or a  twelve pound cat.  I love that there is an open pocket on one side to slip over your wheelie suitcase.  It’s small enough to fit nicely over that carry on and this is a wonderful and often overlooked feature for travel.

The minute it came into our house, the dog went right to it and happily got inside.  She continued to go back to the Atom over and over.  In the car, it gave her a secure place to hang out and I can’t wait to use it on a trip involving air travel.

This is a well made versatile carrier with good looks.  All of Sleepypod’s designs are modern and sleek and the Atom is no exception and it comes in several colors.   I wish they had this when we first got our chihuahua, but I’m grateful to get my hands on it now.  Find it HERE.