I have become totally hooked on Serengeti. This fall my Serengeti’s gave me clear, enhanced HD fall foliage that was thrilling. Now that it’s getting darker and darker out, I think these Serengeti Alghero Pilot Sunglasses are a great choice. The tint is mild, so they are awesome for low light conditions.

For that reason, they are also perfect for wearing indoors. I get migraines, and sometimes I need to wear sunglasses even when it’s not sunny, and even inside if it’s bright. With the Algheros, you can see my eyes, so we can still make eye contact. They come in different colors so you can customize the frame color and the lens color. I am wearing the Satin Black frames with Blue lenses which are not as blue as they look in the photo, they are more subtle in person, and they are great looking. The Alghero is meant for both men and women and has a modified aviator shape. They are very light weight and comfortable to wear. Find the¬†Serengeti Alghero Pilot Sunglasses HERE.*Disclosure: Affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you, if you purchase via one of these links, thank you, this helps keep my website running!¬†