Po Campo makes the most unique, beautiful bike bags that are innovative and as useful as they are great looking. Look at the new Po Campo Irving Backpack Pannier, with this light hearted bubble motif perfect for summer.

po campo irving backpack pannier

It does come in black and a lovely geometric pattern, but this one is my favorite. I love the hot pink interior that sort of smiles at you when you open it, and the blue is soothing. Chunky, silvery gray zipper pulls feel great in your hand and the matching gray bottom gives the bag structure and protection. On the sides at the bottom are reflector strips that sort of blend in with the gray until the light catches it.

Speaking of zipper pulls, note that they are not just plain old zipper pulls. They are silver circles. Details like this mixed with practicality are what make Po Campo bags so endearing. Criss-cross elastic holds your helmet (or jacket) in place and side pockets hold your water bottles, sunglasses, or anything else you need easy access to.

po campo irving

Bright yellow lines the underside of the backpack straps for safety–brilliant, right? You just flip them around when the pack is situated on your rear rack as a pannier for added visibility. Magnetic hardware makes attaching the pack a cinch and it’s as easy to get off as it is to attach. Each “Fidlock” is capable of holding 80lbs, so you don’t have to worry about it not being strong enough to support your contents.

Padding on the inside protects your laptop or tablet, while ventilated padding on the pack keeps your back comfortable. You don’t feel the clips at all.

This is an infinitely useful bag (school, park, carryon for travel, gym, weekender, etc.) that lends some serious style to your ride. Find the Po Campo Irving Backpack Pannier HERE.