Outdoor Tech Los Cabos Wireless Bluetooth Headphones are great travel headphones because they are light weight,  low profile and fold up for easy transport. These will easily fit in your personal item bag for inflight enjoyment. They sound great and feel comfortable on your ears. I love that they come in different colors–the red will stand out amongst all your other gear. If you have multiple people with these headphones in the same group, you can tell them apart (think families with teenagers, etc).

Pairing is a piece of cake and I was able to be up and running in just a minute with my iPhone. The lack of wires is liberating. These are my third pair of wireless headphones and I seriously can’t imagine having to deal with wires again. It’s so freeing to be wire free. No more getting tangled up. It’s much easier to keep organized and that cord is one less thing to have to keep up with. Find the Outdoor Tech Los Cabos Wireless Bluetooth Headphones HERE.