Every now and then, something comes my way that is so different and so fun that it makes me a little giddy. Like this gorgeous O-venture cOmbO set. Isn’t that pretty? The best part is that it makes life easier and I dare you to lose your keys on this big O key-ring.

See how it works? That O is big enough to slip all the way up your arm so you have your hands free to carry groceries, help kiddos in their car seats, or any number of things we all do without thinking twice. This helps eliminate struggle, and it adds some beauty to your daily accoutrements. I love the striking turquoise blue and black blue lagOOn snakeskin key ring. It feels great to the touch, study and secure.

venture blue lagoon keyring  review

This is one of those things that once you have it, you wonder how you got by without it before. The matching Big Ossential Plus leather wallet (called a “card case” by O-venture) is big enough to hold my credit cards, drivers license, some cash, and my iPhone 6+. You’ve got all your essentials in one place, tethered to your arm, safe and sound and un-losable.

You can get this set in a million fun colors. You can even customize the hardware from gold to copper to silver, isn’t that fabulous? Look at how the inside is a pretty blue that matches up perfectly with the blue on the key ring.

This beautiful set (which also can be purchased separately) would make a wonderful gift. It comes packaged cleverly and colorfully with lifesavers and each item in a velvet bag. Find the Fabulous, Fun, and Necessary O-venture cOmbo set HERE.