Every traveler needs a home security system. A while back I reviewed the Abode Home Security System, and remain totally happy with it. But Abode has come out with a new system called iota. Let’s take a look.

Easy Peasy

The iota is a little different ┬ábecause it has a camera and motion sensor integrated into the modem. It’s basically plug and play with very little set up and effort. All you do is configure the system into your WiFi network and you are ready to go.


Mobile Interface

You can check in with your Iota any time and see what is going on at home. I really appreciate this on a daily basis to ┬ámake sure my son and dog are okay. When we are out of town, I check in and it’s comporting to see everything as I left it.

The system will tell you if a door has been opened and you can monitor the coming and goings of your home in a glance. And if someone does get in, you can utilize the monitoring system and the system calls you and sends you an email. The sirens are LOUD and I can’t imagine bunglers wanting to hang around with that going on. I recommend the Outdoor Siren for added security, when the system is triggered, it goes off with your other sirens, alerting the neighbors and flashing lights for first responders.

Smart Home Integration

You can integrate iota into your entire smart home system. Iota is compatible with Google Home, Alexa, Z-Wave, Hue, and more.

Modular Security System

You can customize your system to fit your space with extra cameras, window sensors, door sensors, etc. Another cool thing about Abode for travelers is that you can customize your monitoring to work while your away, but self-monitor while you’re in town. If you have any issues at all, the customer support is extremely friendly and helpful.The starter kit includes the all in one iota modem, one door/window sensor, and one key fob. Find the iota and all the accessories HERE.

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