I have been lusting after the Hobo Sheila Travel Crossbody Bag for a couple of years and I am nothing short of giddy that I finally got to take it out for a spin. It’s my new favorite bag, and I expected as much.

Hobo Sheila Travel Crossbody Bag

The newest Sheila has a cool guitar style crossbody strap that Hobo says gives it a 70’s vibe. But I think it’s a fresh, modern vibe. That design on the strap is silver, gold and gunmetal metallic with texture–it’s fabulous and almost festive. It’s nice for the holiday season with that extra shimmer. It really gives the bag an interesting look, and I think the wider strap is easier on your shoulders too. You can wear the design facing outward so everyone can see it, or you can flip it so it’s the underside. The strap is detachable if you want to remove it, however I can’t imagine doing that because it looks so great with it on.

Hobo Sheila Travel Crossbody Bag

You can carry the bag on one shoulder, crossbody, and with the super cool round handles. The handles are nice to slip up high on your arm so you can use both hands while you fiddle with door keys or help a child into a car seat for instance.


This bag is cavernous. Inside the Sheila are tons of pockets for organization. One large zip pocket and two slip pockets on either side hold your phone, wallet, cosmetics, etc. On the outside of the bag is a slip pocket for a small beverage or keys. I had this with me over the weekend while out with a friend. The weather changed from rain to sunny, as it does often in the Pacific Northwest and I put my hair up and my coat in my Sheila so I’d be more comfortable. I had plenty of room left too. My friend said, “Where’s your coat?” and when I told her it was in my bag she was surprised it fit.

This bag comes in several yummy colors like this neutral Ash. I tend to veer toward black, but their colors are wonderful and I love how the interior fabrics are patterned and beautiful. The Sheila is an excellent bag for a weekender. I picture myself using this bag around February for a quickie weekend someplace warm during the winter. Budget airlines often have ridiculously cheap flights but the catch is you can’t take anything without getting hammered in charges. With the Sheila, you’re good because it’s just a purse. And you’ll look chic and put together with a sundress, bathing suit, nightgown and  a few toiletries in your bag. It’s practical and stylish. *Disclosure: Affiliate links below. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you, if you purchase via one of these links, thank you, this helps keep my website running! .