After visiting the spa at Garden of the Gods Club and Resort, and sitting in their awesome Himalayan Salt Room, I got inspired to incorporate this healing salt into my daily life. Himalayan Salt is salt mined from ancient salt mines in Punjab. The potential benefits of Himalayan Salt include detoxification, mineralization balance, mood improvement, blood sugar and blood pressure balance, and overall wellness. Here are several ways to get the healing benefits of Himalayan Salt at home.


Garden of the Gods Club & Resort


The most obvious way to use Himalayan Salt is to put it in your food as regular table salt, or freshly grated salt from chunks of Himalayan Salt. I quit using regular table salt years and years ago, and when forced to use it now in a restaurant, I’m amazed at how terrible it tastes because I’m used to the good stuff. It makes a huge difference to upgrade your salt, and what a simple, available luxury. With health benefits!

You can put these attractive salt chunks from Charcoal Companion in a pretty bowl to serve for a lovely presentation on the table. When you grate the salt like this, you get a nice texture on your food. The difference between this and regular table salt is tremendous.



Charcoal Companion’s Himalayan Salt Blocks make a gorgeous presentation and impart food with flavor. You can use them for sweet or savory foods. I love the combination of salty-sweet. This set of four allows you to offer individual servings and you can place this in the center of a plate for an unexpected look and refreshing approach to dessert.



I really like this solid block too. We had an amazing meal at Hermosa Inn where they served fish steaming on one of these and it made a dramatic, beautiful presentation while imparting flavor to the food. These blocks are heavy, reusable, and work great on the grill and in the oven.




Look at these cool Himalayan Salt Chillers. Isn’t that an interesting way to serve up cocktails? These would be fabulous for holiday parties. You just freeze them and use them as ice that imparts flavor to your drink.


Some people like to drink Sole, made by dissolving a small amount of Himalayan Salt into water so that you can drink the electrically charged water with trace minerals. Sole that saturated  mixture of water and salt, meant to detoxify and hydrate your body. Sole has been reported to benefit blood pressure, bone health, muscle cramping, blood sugar and more by normalizing the mineralization of your body. You can find salt for this purpose and a recipe here.

Light Your Space

A Himalayan Salt Lamp puts off a cozy ambiance and they say it also emits negative ions which clear the energy of the space similar to a rain storm or fresh outside air. Because of the negative ions, some people think they are beneficial for EMF pollution too. You can get them in different shapes and sizes, I like the modern geometric shapes like this globe from Himalayan Salt Shop. You may not be able to have an entire salt room in your house, but with a lamp, you get some of those benefits.



Speleotherapy, aka Cave Therapy, can about in the 1800’s when Polish salt miners discovered health benefits of breathing salt vapors. If you don’t have access to a salt cave or a spa with a fabulous salt room, you can achieve some of those benefits by using a dry ceramic inhaler like the Original Himalayan Salt Inhaler. A chamber filled with salt allows you to inhale through the spout, taking in microscopic salt particles, thereby mimicking the environment of salt caves. People with respiratory problems can find this beneficial and I can’t wait to try it this winter when the inevitable sickness strikes. You inhale through your mouth, and exhale through your nose. By inhaling salty vapors, the antimicrobial, antibacterial properties of the salt circulate through the respiratory system, cleansing and soothing irritated sinuses and lungs.



Give yourself some spa vibes at home by taking a nice long salt bath. I love to put a few scoops of Himalayan Salt in my bath mixed with herbs or essential oils. It relaxes my muscles and they say it’s detoxing to the body because the salt draws out impurities. You can find the salt and special bath blends here.

  • Disclaimer: This article is based on my personal experience and research, it is mot medical advice, consult your doctor.