There is something completely irresistible about iridescence, I never cease to be fascinated by it. Well, finally some genius out there decided to add this magical effect to utilitarian tumblers and canteens. The Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Collection twinkles with opalescence, and what an easy and welcome way to add some sparkle to your life. I know of no other brand that offers anything like this, it’s something to get excited about, so festive and fun!

corkcicle unicorn

The Corkcicle Magic Unicorn collection includes two different sizes of tumblers, two sizes of canteens, and a stemless tumbler. I think we all need one of each. They are beautiful in person, sparking little rainbows, but still elegant. Unicorn Magic is the perfect name for them, we need more marriages of magic and function in the world. Corkcicle has a proprietary triple layer insulation and these are made with non toxic stainless steel.

corkcicle unicorn

The Stemless Tumbler feels really wonderful in your hand. It might be my favorite in the collection. It holds 12 ounces and has a silicone bottom to prevent it from falling over. A spill resistant lid, ridges to grip, and the ability to keep hot drinks hot for three hours and cold drinks cold for nine makes this great for on the go sipping–it looks ideal for wine but I love it for tea.

corkcicle unicorn

The Unicorn Magic Canteen comes in two sizes, 16 and 25 oz. and would be wonderful in your beach bag. Obviously it’s a great canteen for water, but wouldn’t it be fun to show up at a pool party with a fresh fruit punch mocktail or mojitos in this pretty bottle? It would make a spectacular and unexpected hostess gift, or gift for your outdoorsy girlfriends.

It has the slip proof silicon bottom and a screw top lid. Ridges around the bottle make it easier to hang on to than a perfectly smooth, rounded bottle. This baby keeps cold drinks cold for up to 25 hours and hot drinks hot for 12. As useful as it is gorgeous.

Last but not least is the Unicorn Magic Tumbler. These come in 16 and 24 oz sizes and will bring some magic to your road trip or desk. It will keep your drink cold for nine hours and hot for three.corkcicle unicorn

It has the spill resistant, silicone bottom and ridges. The ridges are so smart, and with the larger size tumbler, really helpful to hold onto if you have small hands like I do

This tumbler is nice for your morning smoothies or caffeine, and pretty on your desk all day or in your car on a magical road trip.

The lids on these are fast and easy to get on and off, though I would not trust them to hold the liquid if your cup tips over, and they are not mean to. One thing they do is keep dust and debris out of your drink making them nice for the beach, art studio, and around the campfire. They’re also wonderful on the bedside table for ice cold middle-of-the-night night sips, adding a dreamy aesthetic to your sleep hygiene routine.

corkcicle unicorn

I’m somewhat of a minimalist and try to have as few things as possible, but what I do have is high quality and a “favorite thing.” Everything is my favorite thing, because I’ve whittled down to all favorites. Things like this are perfect examples of what I mean by this. Rather than having a drawer full of water bottles, how about just a few really nice ones like this? Find the┬áDreamy Corkcicle Unicorn Magic Collection HERE.