The Coal Spackler Hat is an excellent hat for travel because it fully collapses and scrunches down, then bounces right back into shape. You can easily stash it in your small daypack, or even jacket pocket. It’s perfect for SUP’ing, hiking, kayaking, and exploring a new town. The draw cord will secure the hat so it doesn’t blow away in the wind. Vent holes give you fresh air, but this hat is so incredibly light, you barely know it’s on your head apart from the shade it provides.

Last month I tried the Huck Hat, which I also love for it’s excellent coverage, but it’s not as packable or light weight. The Spackler is a little more versatile that way, though it doesn’t offer quite as much coverage as the Huck. If you are going to be spending long days at the beach, I recommend having a look at that one too.

It comes in several colors, I really love the charcoal gray which is low profile and matches all my stuff. The logo on the front gives it some style, and it looks really cute on. One of my favorite summer hats! Find the Coal Spackler Hat HERE.