Headlamps are an essential camping item, and my favorite headlamps are from Black Diamond. They’ve improved on the Spot headlamp, updating it with 200 lumens and waterproof housing–it’s a great upgrade, and worth getting to improve on function from the previous model.

Having spent years in hurricane territory, it is ingrained in my mind to always have lights and batteries on hand. I have a flashlight in every room out of habit. But when the lights go out (where I am now, it’s the windstorms that cause it), headlamps are really nice. You can prepare food, and do all sorts of things hands free.┬áThis works like a dream at camp.

Everybody uses headlamps camping now right? And this one has the important red light feature so you won’t blind your campmates. I also love the reflective logo which makes it easier to find amongst gear. I keep my headlamp in my outermost pocket of my daypack for quick access–it’s an absolute Must Have. The Spot takes three AAA batteries, and they are easy to get in and out. No screws. The rubberized button works flawlessly and easily, you don’t have to fight it to switch modes–my old headlamp is a little fussy that way, this one is a pleasure to use. It’s also super comfortable and light weight. Find the Black Diamond Spot Headlamp HERE.