Sophisticated and sleek, the Bellroy Passport Sleeve is perfect for the minimalist international traveler.  It’s low profile, but they thought of everything, like a shiny gun metal silver micro pen (and re-fill) for filling out customs forms. When flight attendants come around with the forms, you have what you need right there.  Your passport fits snugly and securely, and there is a pull-tab to nudge it out. There are slots for a driver’s license and credit card, and one on the flip side  and for your boarding pass.

The tan is a rich sumptuous color and the quality leather feels good in your hand.  This is an artful accoutrement of travel, a beautiful accessory to enhance the experience, but also a very useful thing to have.  It will streamline what can be a stressful experience.  I think it would make a great gift, it’s the kind of thing you treasure.  They seem to be marketed toward men, but I think this is wonderful for women too.