The Astral Layla PFD is the brand’s flagship personal flotation device and has been a fan favorite for the last 20 years. Women love this model because it conforms to curvy figures. I love that they stuck to the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” philosophy and continue to provide this, because there would probably be a huge objection if it were ever discontinued. It’s the most comfortable PFD I’ve ever worn.

Astral Layla PFD Made for Women's Curves

I’m curvy, so I’m the ideal body type for this PFD. I have a great range of motion wearing this PFD, and it’s going to be my best friend on the lake this summer for kayaking and SUP’ing. Princess seams and boob cups make a big difference, and if there’s any way for a PFD to be cute, this one accomplishes it. Look at the lotus flower on the back, isn’t that a nice touch? I also like the embossed patterns in the fabric. It’s a pretty design, the eggplant is beautiful, though it also comes in turquoise. Another great thing about the Layla is that it’s eco friendly with organic kapok filling. If you’re a curvy woman, I doubt very seriously you’ll ever find a more comfortable PFD. Find the Astral Layla PFD HERE.